Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 – It’s time for REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE …

Those who know me well, know where to find me at dawn on New Year’s Day … must have sand between my toes, feet in the waves, wind in hair, facing the sunrise and saluting the day … after the mandatory wake-up coffee, of course. Bliss!  Also my favourite spot for creative thinking and productive writing, I will have more exciting news about that in my next blog.

So it begins - the dawning of a New Year in remote Far North Queensland … and with it – a heightened sense of excitement, anticipation, motivation, and determination.  Well … that covers the first day or maybe even the first week; then by end of January, many of us get sucked back into the same old routines, roles and restrictions to please others or to fit in with the expectations of the ordinary & comfortable crowd. 

Yep, there always seems to be those who feel the need to slow you down to their comfort zone pace; like somehow, there’s a risk that ‘you might just get a little too far ahead of yourself, and fail’ [NO! – not failure! – we can’t have that!]; or, perhaps their fear is more about you getting ahead of them? Whatever the reason; it belongs to them. 
Their journey is their choice … their fears, they own.

So, back to those New Year’s resolutions … While I don’t believe in making new goals and plans only once a year [quarterly is a far better approach], I have to admit; the Xmas to New Year break is an ideal time for quiet personal reflection. When you live busy lives focused on helping other people’s development, organisational development, community development … it’s important to stop and reflect on your own personal development plan: 
1. What worked well?      
            Action:  Do more of that stuff!

2. What didn’t work well?
          Action:  Try another way or focus on something else instead.

3. What did you learn?
         Action:  Use these learnings to self-improve and to assist others.

4.  What was a significant waste of time, effort or money?
          Action:  STOP THAT!  Time is better spent on developing Actions 1, 2  & 3.

Now, to share some of my personal learnings and 2017 action goals:

My #ONE 2016 learning … [more of a reminder STOP THAT! slap], is: I can’t change others thinking; that’s up to them … and they won’t make changes, if they don’t see a problem with it.   There will always be the comfortable crowd who, by our very presence - [visualise: a pair of proactive, solution-focused game changers, hell-bent on making a positive difference for this community], makes them feel uncomfortable.  Letting  them go …

My #TWO taking from collective 2016 experiences … Reality is: it’s actually NOT a crowd of naysayers; it’s just a handful of people who are stuck in the belief of their own shitty fear stories.  The truth is: there IS an overwhelming local community desire for positive change; especially from the biggest demographic age / life stage group … who potentially are the future community leaders.  That’s exciting opportunity …

My #THREE 2016 learning … [shows up every time I do personal reflection]:  MUST trust my gut feel! My intuition is almost always ‘spot on’ … especially when my inner alarm bells go off, when things don't add up.  Accepting unethical behaviour is not OK for me. One thing I will never stop is: asking ‘why is it so?’ questions with curiosity – from a genuine need to understand, so that I can choose the right response … that way, never compromising on my own values.   Intuition rocks … Integrity is a 'must have' ... 

Of course there were lots of wonderful 2016 achievements to celebrate; like the awesome feedback I received from our Workforce Vitality clients, many valued new connections with like-minded colleagues, and the positive growth 11 women from our local Cooktown ElevateHER - LEAN IN to LEADERSHIP Circle have experienced … all of these things feeding into some pretty exciting goals and plans for  2017. 

Here’s just a hint of what’s planned for 2017:
  • Book writing – [YES! – finally ready and committed – Authors Academy Retreat  - Jan-Feb 2017]
  • Write more blogs and articles [Can’t believe I only posted 3 blogs in 2016, blogposts scheduled for fortnightly action this year]
  • New offer - quick access mentoring for our Workforce Vitality clients [individual leadership development focus]
  • New support - regular online interaction with our coaching clients [to support their leadership journey]
  • Community Development programs [for local business managers and future community leaders]
  • 2017 ElevateHER – LEAN IN Circle - #2 for Cooktown [15 local ladies have already expressed interest – kick off mid-Jan 2017 … exploring #3 circle option]
  • ME time [the obligatory healthy eating and exercise plan, and daily scheduled personal development research and reading time].

With an on overall, purposeful and passionate focus on encouraging, enabling and empowering game changing leaders, it’s little wonder we’ve named this year:
2017 - The year of revolutionary change.
Join the movement ... be a gamechanger.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

BE different, BE the change ... that's the intention!

I feel the need to start this blog by stating that we deliberately choose to live and work in smaller regional communities.  Each one is different, has unique attributes, and offers the potential opportunities for both my partner and I to make a positive community development impact.

However, some things are the same. There are some people in every community I've lived in who seem to take delight in trying to shut down [or get rid of] positive people, new initiatives, passionate energy for change, or any poppy who is trying to stand up tall to inspire others to take positive action …the ones daring to be different.

What I've learned from years of personal experience is it’s often better to just walk away from these people ... those who find their significance by feeding off negative energy. No matter how positively you respond, some people will keep searching to find further fault and delight in fuelling a conflict … like there’s a freaking reward in it for them!

Walk away … the battle isn’t with you … it is with themselves.

I don't understand their intentions ... they don't understand mine, nor do they care to. That's absolutely OK.  I like who I am, proud of what I do, absolutely clear on why I do it, and deliberate about choosing where I do it.  My purpose is always focused on making a positive difference.

Now, there’s lots of blogs and quoted advice about freeing yourself from negative people … like all you need to do is flick them off, or choose to not hang around with them. Instead, the suggestion is to only spend time with nice people who are smart, driven, and will lift you higher.  You know – surround yourself with like-minded people … because apparently, we become like the 5 people we spend the most time with.

Really? … Nice if you can. Sometimes it’s not as easy as that. Sometimes like-minded people can be few on the ground.

This week, I enjoyed an after-hours chat over a few drinks with a like-minded visiting professional consultant, who, an hour into it, asked me; "how do you fit in with 'the people' here, Jilinda?"  I laughed and answered; "why do I need to? ... how do you inspire and lead positive change, if you are the same as everyone else? … to make a bigger difference, you have to BE the difference ... BE the change you want to inspire in others".

More progress occurs when people dare to be different.

When you are passionate about driving positive change, an active disrupter of mediocre status quo, intentionally showing a different way, suggesting new solutions to stuff that is clearly not working, encouraging others to play a bigger game … you have to be prepared to come up against the nay-sayers; those who are challenged by your message and positive actions.  They will always be there.

Negative people don’t want solutions. They will always try to brick wall them as solutions to problems means they have to work hard to find something else to be negative about.

Retreating back into a box in the corner, or playing smaller to blend in, or allowing negative thinking to dilute your positive outlook, is exactly the impact these people hope to achieve … to disempower or demotivate you.

Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult …
You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it.

Sometimes you have to dig deeper into your own resilience bucket, to bravely step up, stand out and speak up, with deliberate intent to change the negative aspects of a situation … by perhaps:

       ~ questioning negative or narrow thinking of ‘the way it’s always been done around here’ … like, ‘how’s that been working out?’

~ suggesting and continually pushing for better, bigger picture solutions – if it’s someone else’s decision to make

pouring more energy into those who are showing interest and willing to try new ways, and reducing the time spent responding to the negative ones

providing factual responses that addresses others incorrect assumptions and sometimes malicious statements 

     ~ just doing it differently and simply BE the change you want to inspire in others.        

    My point is, I really don’t see why I should or would choose to be the same as everyone else … the world has more than enough followers and those wanting to play small. For me, there is no passion, personal growth, or achievement of any 'making a difference' goals in choosing to do that.  

    Like my signature zebra branding, why be black and white - when you can be brightly coloured? Why blend in, when you can stand out?

To lead change, you have to BE different to what’s already out there … that is the intention :)

Monday, 27 June 2016


OMG!  I have just realised that it is almost six months since I wrote a blog!  My last one was a ‘Happy New Year’ post, with a somewhat challenging message to fellow bloggers of my frustration about their use of prescribed, numbered steps on how to have a successful year.

Well … six months ago I may have been ‘a bit over all that prescriptive advice’; today, I’m absolutely REALLY over it!  I don’t want to know how to make the best coffee in 5 easy steps … I have a Nespresso, it does it for me.  I definitely don’t need to know 7 key things to find happiness … or 9 ways to feel satisfied … and I certainly don’t need to read the 7 habits that will make me more assertive!    

Would someone please tell the blog writer advisors out there to stop teaching new bloggers to write in numbered lists?  Please!  No more quick fix tips … as soon as I read numbers in the title, I DON’T open it!  
Ok … I get that it may be a helpful way for war and peace wafflers to become more concise, clear and quirky.  Yes, we are all busy and maybe some readers like fast answers with limited factual evidence, or the rigidity of ticking off prescribed lists to see how they measure up to someone’s alleged expert view on the topic. I’m not saying it’s wrong … just that there’s too much of same quick fix, market grab approach. 

Where’s the authenticity?  Where’s the personal story and wisdom that comes from experience?  Where’s the individual thinker who’s challenging the status quo? Because frankly, the numbers game status has lost its quo.

Now … I love Sheryl Sandberg’s answer to perfectionism – “Done is better than perfect”.  Yes, obviously my blog posts in recent months have neither been done or perfect.  Slap me! I’ve been busy writing workbook material and developing tailored frameworks and tools for my client organisations.

During my busy schedule, I do often think:  “I am so writing a blog on that” … then a little voice inside my head says:  “Does the social media world really need another blog post to scroll past this week?”

Maybe next week? Maybe I'll finish writing that half-done book instead :)

Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016 AWESOMENESS ... takes how many steps?

YAH it’s 2016 we’ve clicked over into a new year and here we go again with New Year resolutions, especially the ‘eat healthier, exercise more, drink less’ type.   You too?  Of course we all want to do that in January … because we did the opposite of that in December and there’s only so much over-indulgence and physical neglect our bodies can take, right?   

So, what about your other 2016 plans and goals? How are you planning to make this year ‘your best year yet’?  Did you write out a list over the holiday period? … Perhaps compile a vision board of all the things you want to achieve? … Been researching options on how to do it from other people’s suggestions? Are you a quick fix junkie?

Well, there’s no shortage of suggestions out there; social media is chockers with them!  At this time of year, there is a massive bombardment of articles, blogs, and webinars on ‘how to have the most awesome 2016.’  It’s like all the budding would-be writers, coaches, mentors and ‘anyone who’s some-one’ has decided to use the holiday break to publish their little piece of ‘how to’ advice to the world … and apparently we are all floundering for a quick fix, numbered check-list solution.  

You know … like how to get there in 3 – 5 – 10 steps, and I even saw several 100 steps versions, for those who want to ‘operate with blistering speed, hyper-accountability, and relentless execution’.  Geez, I wonder how you would feel on day 101? … overwhelmed and exhausted?

In case you haven’t been hit in the face every time you check your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter feeds, here are just a few examples:

While all this may be an interesting read [if you have nothing better to do over the holidays], they can also leave you feeling like it’s impossible be successful, or like you won’t have an awesome year unless you tick off all the steps, or like you will never be able to achieve all that … which can send you down a negative spiral of fearing that you are ‘not good enough’.  Be careful what message you take from these … they are simply someone’s opinion from their experience [at best - hopefully genuine], or just a competing marketing exercise on the number of ‘hits’ they get [at worst].

Yes, I’m a bit over all that in-your-face prescriptive advice; hardly surprising as rigid rules set by someone else has never really been something I’ve subscribed to. So … I’m NOT going to give you my top 5 tips or my 3 key points on how to live your life in 2016.  The last thing you need is another ‘how to’ list.

Instead … I’m sharing with you my ONE BIG LEARNING [OBL] during 2015 … and,
 my ONE BIG TIP [OBT] for you this New Year …. and it is simply this:

OBL:               BE YOU … Be uniquely you, be different from the rest.

Be true to your values, know your self-worth, and embrace your authentic, unique self.
Not everyone will ‘get you’ or like you, but not everyone matters. Connect with those who matter, surround yourself with those who believe what you believe and want to lift you higher. Love and be proud of who you are.

I love the person I have become, because I have fought really damn hard over many years to become ME … to find out WHO I am, WHY I’m here, and create a pathway where I can choose to do more of WHAT I love, and I know WHY I do what I do.

OBT:               FOCUS ON YOUR WHY … Get clear on your purpose.

Trust your gut … Every time I listen and act on my gut feel, I make good decisions and enjoy successful outcomes. Every time I don’t, results are disappointing and I kick myself for not listening to my strong inner voice. Learn to trust your gut feel = ‘feeling what is right’.

Know your why … Become totally self-aware and focused on your WHY - your purpose in life. Identify and understand what inspires you to be who you are and to do what you do. Then put it into words – a sentence or short paragraph that easily roles off your tongue. When you do that, and can clearly articulate your WHY, stuff will either be a good fit for you, or not … decisions about that become so much easier. Being clear on your WHY = ‘knowing what is right’.

Getting clear on your WHY: You won’t find your WHY from focusing on what you want to achieve in the future, or figuring out a strategy [or stepped process] to get there.  Your WHY doesn’t come from looking ahead … it comes from looking within. It’s a process of discovery from personal experience, not an invention … it is born out of your own beliefs and past life experiences.

Start by identifying the things that you are passionate about; what drives you, energises you, floats your boat, and reflect on WHY that is.  Sometimes we get so caught up in all the ‘what we’re meant to’ and ‘how to’ noise, competition and advice, that our own WHY becomes fuzzy. 

I believe there is no greater personal asset than to possess a strong inner strength and belief in your own abilities to make good decisions, driven by a clear sense of purpose; … therefore, my one big tip for your big daring list of 2016 goals is … get clear on your WHY.

Each year is simply another chapter in your life … one year doesn’t have to be better or more awesome than the next … it all forms part of your story and the learnings along the way help to make you who you are … a unique individual with a strong purpose.

I wish that for you, for 2016 and beyond. 

PS:  One more thing … if you are going to read any self-help articles or books, may I suggest you read:  'Start with WHY' … by Simon Sinek.

NOTE: I have paraphrased some of Simon Sineks words in this blog.  WHY?  Because his WHY fits well with my WHY.  More on that in upcoming blogs … 

Happy New Year, 
Be a game changer :)

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Discarding old baggage ...

The Discarded Bag

Do you have one of these?  
A bag, perhaps a work bag like this one that once had a useful purpose … that you carefully chose to be just the right size, the right texture and feel, with useful sections and purpose-fit pockets for all your essential personal items like 2 x phones, travel size tissues, lipstick, pens and business cards … and of course, it had to be in your signature colour and style.

Yes, a lot of thought goes into choosing a bag like this; it’s a statement bag. It’s a style piece that says a lot, without speaking a word … part of that visual message that others pick up within 7 seconds of you walking into a room, confidently carrying it. 

And yet, as I unpacked the final box from our spare room last week, after moving to Far North Queensland six months ago, this was a ‘find’ I was really not expecting.   You see, I didn’t realize that I still had this bag … literally discarded since 2012, somewhere in the back corner of a spare wardrobe … ignored and forgotten.

As I picked it up and wiped off the exterior dust, I noticed that it was quite heavy and it still had stuff inside it, so I opened it with curiosity.  Strangely, it felt like I was opening someone else’s bag from a past era.

Pulling the items out from inside it, I smiled broadly as I realised I no longer had any personal connection with any of it.  There were:
  •   Pens … that no longer worked
  •   Notepad … full of irrelevant meeting notes
  •  Tax Return documents … from a past era
  •   Numerous receipts … from coffee and lunch meetings dated 2009-11
  •   A snaplock bag … with a few very stale almonds in it – yuk!
  •  Travel size wet-ones … no longer wet
  •  Travel size tissues … squashed beyond recognition
  •  Travel size box of tampons - ha! No need for those since a 2011 procedure ;)
  •   A lipstick in the ugliest colour brown … what was I thinking?
  •  Several rusty safety pins, and an old tarnished silver toe-ring
Oh, one more thing … a laminated government ‘Inspectors Identity Card’ from 2007, that probably should have been handed back when I closed that door behind me in 2012. This was the one item that made me realise why this bag had been discarded … never opened, never cleaned out, and never used again. You see, this was my work bag of a past life … a chapter that I chose to finish in 2012 when the role no longer matched my values … a page I was happy to turn over and have never really felt the need to re-read it.

The only reason I still had this bag is that the packers had boxed it up from its dark cupboard corner and my wonderfully efficient partner had thrown it back onto high shelves [I’m a tad height challenged], in our previous short-term abodes over the past 3 years.

So why the share? 
It’s interesting [and absolutely wonderful] how quickly we can move on, and how much we can change … to the point where there is no connection felt whatsoever to the past; like all that belonged to someone else … a different person. 

As lovely, expensive, and useful as this bag could be, I had no interest in holding on to it, so I binned all the contents and took it to the local charity shop, without any hesitation and absolutely no pangs of regret. 

For me, this bag simply represented a chapter from which I have moved on from, and as a person who sees no reason to look back … feels no value in re-visiting the past … dislikes clutter [unless it’s on my busy desk], and discards useless crap on a regular basis [charity shops love me]; I actually felt rather annoyed that I still had it! 

On reflection, out of all the bits and bobs we’ve discarded in last week’s unpack completion exercise, de-owning this bag and also de-owning several evening gowns that were worn at past government events, was the most exhilarating and cleansing experience … like a feeling of lightness, more space;  less pretentiousness, more present-ness,  and more purposeful living – in line with my personal values.

Sure … our values do change over the years; mine certainly have and I’m very grateful for that. It’s called experience, learning, and embracing continual personal growth … not being stuck in a rut … not accepting an average, ordinary life when you can choose to have an awesome one!  Isn't that something you'd like to choose too?

My challenge to you …
As we approach the New Year celebrations, what will you choose to discard, de-own, detox from your congested life … so that you can feel refreshed, spacious and open; ready to take a chance on new things that 2016 flings your way?

What are you still hanging on to? … consider what feelings you are attaching to that. Is all that stuff getting you closer to where you want to be? ... or holding you back?

Perhaps, like me, you may not even be consciously aware of the extra, unnecessary crap that’s tucked away … take the time to review your surroundings and get rid of stuff that you no longer value.

Ask yourself … “for what purpose am I needing to hold on to this?” … Then question yourself again, “Really?”

Ironically, 2012 was also when I got my favourite saying tattoo on my back, at the base of my neck … depicting a new sunrise over the waves with the words ‘Never Look Back’.  Hardly surprizing for those who know me well … as a Change Champion with an enthusiastic ‘what’s next’ attitude.  That old bag and those evening dresses definitely did not fit with ‘what’s next’ … they were ‘what’s past’ items. 

So go on ... perhaps it's time to discard YOUR old baggage. 

Embrace change … turn the pages over from the previous chapters … allow yourself to feel the excitement of a new opportunities and new adventures. 

Until next time,
Choices, Chances, Changes abound ...

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


On the UPside …
Recently, I wrote about being aware of the CROCs. Well, despite what they say about increased numbers, I haven’t seen any four-legged reptile variety up here in the tropics yet;  nor have I met the two legged ones either … although I’m sure both are lurking somewhere in the shadows, so I remain acutely aware and ready for positive action. 

Speaking of positive action … I thought it timely to write again on my favourite topic - leadership. Those who know me, know I’m passionate about leadership development; in fact, truth is: ‘I live and breathe it … observe, speak and write about it … have based my accreditations, consulting and coaching business on it.

So WHY focus on leadership?  Because I strongly believe we need more leaders – REAL leaders made of the right stuff stepping up into leadership positions with the right intent and purpose … with personal integrity and drive to make a difference in their communities. 

We need leaders who are not afraid of change … leaders who do more than just ‘seat-warming duties’ … leaders who are not driven by self-interest, building their own ego, or fuelled by positional power. Those who stick their head in the sand, or hide in their office -sneaking in and out of back doors, or play divide and conquer games to ensure deals go their way … are not leaders, they are in fact – imposters; the wrong people sitting in positions that would be far better served by having REAL leaders in those chairs.

Frankly, the world is crying out for REAL leaders who are not afraid to dismantle the sacred and entrenched beliefs, which hold communities back as prisoners of the past. Is your community in urgent need of some REAL leadership injection?

What about those who ARE standing up for what is right; those few who are demonstrating strong, ethical leadership behaviours? It can be a lonely branch to walk along and to remain standing tall while others spray poison on the roots. As a community, are you getting behind the brave movers and shakers, the visionary ones, the pro-active leaders … and helping them to rid your community of the imposters – especially those self-interested, power trippers.

Yes - from personal observation across quite a number of communities, I do believe you have some of what I’m describing … and, yes - you can help to make the changes that are needed in your community.

How? For starters … stop accepting mediocrity or less than average behaviours from those sitting in leadership roles. Demand REAL leadership behaviour. Take the time to become more situationally aware of what is REALLY going on in your community. Not through town gossip or glossed-over communications … from the facts, the history, the outcomes, the observable behaviour that paints a really clear picture. 

You see, leadership is not a position … it is not a noun- it is a verb used to describe a set of attitudes, behaviour choices, observable actions and outcomes.
A good point to remember:  People can’t talk their way out of poor outcomes or problems, they behaved their way into.  Behaviours speak the loudest … and they own their behaviour choices.

I urge you to become more actively interested in what it takes to be a good leader.  Focus on the desirable leadership strengths, engaging behaviours, and good-for-the-greater-good thinking, you need in your community to move forward … onwards and upwards.

Perhaps take a leadership course … step up and take the opportunity to participate in community leadership programs.  Many of these programs are heavily funded by government backed agencies … for very good reason –

Choose to live life on the upside … it’s no good complaining about the status quo of leadership strength in your community, unless you are willing to be part of the solution. BE the change you want to see in others … or at least, actively support those who are standing out on that limb, trying to lead positive change.

PS: Follow this blog page to find out about new Leadership Development programs that will be rolling out soon ... much of the content will be online and very accessible. 

Jilinda Lee
Change Champion / Leadership Coach
[Also published in 'THE BRIDGE' Newspaper - 27 Aug 2015 edition]

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

MIND~BODY~SOUL ... Choices, Chances, Change

Change means establishing new routines … my new far north Queensland routine  includes - 5pm on a Monday, sitting up high on Grassy Hill, in Cooktown [when working from home office]… feeling grateful, peaceful, and thoughtful … with writing journal open and words flowing from my mind to paper.

I believe that really successful people are good thinkers … good thinkers solve problems, they are never short of great ideas, and they are always focused on continual learning and exploring to create a better future. Good thinkers are generally not good followers [hmmm, yeah I know!] … because they make their own decisions, and would not allow themselves to be at the mercy of those who may take advantage of them, or try to deceive them, or expect them to follow blindly [uninformed].  Good thinkers don’t accept mediocrity, same old approaches … they enjoy stretching their minds to find new solutions.  In short, cultivating good thinking is a core strength for living a successful life.

Becoming a good thinker is not difficult … it’s about having the discipline to design your life to schedule time-out for thinking … finding a space that allows you to de-clutter, away from the trivial day-to-day interruptions, and to focus on what’s important. Many great successful people schedule ‘thinking time’ [eg: Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Anthony Robbins]. Mindfully focused … being intentionally present in that moment, purposeful thinking.

Take time out to enrich your MIND, BODY and SOUL … every week.

Clarity of the mind  … for me means time away from my whiteboard lists, computer screens, emails and messages … to enjoy the gentle ocean breezes and unobstructed views of lush rainforest covered mountains, blue ocean to the horizon, the last hour of late afternoon sunshine followed by peacefulness of the sunset as it slides down behind the mountain peaks.

Life seems so short now … I’ve learned that it’s so easy to let weeks, months, years slip by; without taking time to gain clarity, purpose and take control of your direction … your own journey.

Life is a journey … it’s important to enjoy the ride … every day.

Strengthen the body … well, my legs were certainly reminding me of how important it is to keep the body strong as I walked up the hill today [Yes, I did it!]. I eat healthy food, drink lots of water, and exercise daily … but I used to walk up a steep hill from my Capricorn Coast beach walk every day, up until a year ago. Oh boy! … clearly I need to conquer this big hill several times a week!  The view, the breezes, the peacefulness at the top is sooo worth it … and of course, my improved body fitness.

I also enjoy doing Yoga stretches as part of my morning walks … facing the water, breathing in energy from the wind. I just zone out and don’t care if others are watching or what they think; it is a great way to start the energy flow.

Enriching the soul … listen to your inner voice. Sure, I know you can work really hard to constantly turn negative, low energy vibes into positive ‘look on the bright side’ personal survival thinking … you know – making the most of a less than optimal situation. I’ve been there, done that … and I wasted many of my younger years trying to fix things that simply were not a good fit. Great learning to share – It’s far better to move to where you connect, where the energy flows, where you can design your life to achieve your dreams.

Life is not meant to be such hard work and it’s not - when you are passionate about what you do, love where you are, and carefully choose who you surround yourself with.

What’s the point of banging your head against a brick wall?…

I have met many women and some men, who WANT to change their current situation but are afraid … those three core fears that stop so many of us from moving forward:
~ fear of the unknown
~ fear of failure
~ fear of not being good enough [or deserving of better]
These fears cripple people from even exploring better options and seeing the choices out there … BUT, you can learn to smash these fears and take control of your life.

Sure, I’ve made many changes in my life. I’ve learned to embrace change and to keep my focus on moving onwards and upwards; so it may appear to some that I turn the page to start a new chapter fairly quickly and easily. True … once I’ve made the decision to change, I just do it – action it, move on; however, that’s not to say that change is EASY!  The hardest part is the initial realisation that in order to keep growing, you have to let go … and keep on going.  I have found this quote to be so true:

“The hardest part about letting go is finally realising that there wasn’t much left to hold on to” [unknown]

To those of you at the crossroads of change, EMBRACE IT.  Take time out to think through your options … yes, there are always choices. Then I encourage you to take the leap … all the magic happens when you move to be in the right place ... find a space where you can focus on what your mind, body and soul needs to strengthen and build, supported by people who can help lift you higher. You don’t need to have it all figured out to move forward … just take the first step.

My passion is to share these thoughts, in this beautiful environment, with other women who need time-out for mindful reflection, time to refresh their bodies, and renew their energy and flow for the journey ahead.
Stay tuned … I’m currently exploring the region for the right venue to hold an ElevateHER Womens Retreat  in far north Queensland. 

If you’d like to be on my ElevateHER emailing list … please email your details to and add ElevateHER Womens Retreat to the subject line.

Until next time,
Take some time to practice mindful thinking … J

Jilinda Lee

Change Champion Coach